Five Of The Most Likely Reasons You Will Need A Lawyer

Five Of The Most Likely Reasons You Will Need A Lawyer

Be, honest we can take the hit. Do you like lawyers or do you think they are morbid money grabbers? We would not necessarily blame you if you suggested the latter. However, that said lawyers and the law play a vital part in society. They protect us when things go wrong and can make the world a fairer place. There will come a time when we will all need to hire a lawyer. Here are the most likely times you will need to pick up a phone and get advice from a solicitor.

Car Accident

The worst happens. That car comes off the road. The left back wheel is spinning wildly in the air, and there is broken glass everywhere. Your first thought? As horrible as it sounds you are not thinking about personal safety. Your first thought will almost always be: was it my fault? Or was it someone else’s. Either way, unless there was no other person involved you should get advice from your attorney. Even if there was no one else involved there could have been a spillage from someone’s property. They can be held accountable if this is the case.

  •  Divorce

To paraphrase Eddie Murphy “Half!” If you have not signed a prenup, it is more than possible that your husband or wife can act indecently t, and you will still be left with nothing. If your partner is making substantially more or less money than you, it is a good idea to talk to a lawyer about a prenup. You should do this before you get married. Most people do not take this chance because it is not very romantic. Love is fantastic and beautiful, but your finances should be protected.

  • Writing A Will

We do not like to think about this one. We put it off for as long as we can. But eventually we all will have to sit down and write a will. If you want it to be legally tight, then you need to speak to a solicitor. Otherwise, horrible arguments can come into play like someone not being in a sane state of mind when they wrote it, etc. We are not suggesting this will happen, but it is better to be covered. That is why when writing a will it is always better to hire a solicitor.

  •  Accident At Work

Have you seen those ads on daytime television? You know the ones where a top solicitor talks to the camera and asks: “Have you been injured at work?” No, they are not nonsense. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to an accident injury claim. You should consider researching a personal injury lawyer like Mike O’Connell. He and other lawyers that specialise in personal injury claims with be able to help you with your enquiries.

At some point in your life, you will speak to a lawyer about some or all of these issues. Remember, lawyers may not be popular, but we certainly do need them.


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